Amsterdam Odyssey offers customised tours into the heart and soul of the city, focusing on the aspects that make Amsterdam

feel like home for its inhabitants and like a source of inspiration for its visitors.

In general we create private, customised, non-touristic tours. You tell us about your background, interests and wishes and we tailor a tour that fits you perfectly. Where and how we move around, which places we visit, which stories we tell: based on your input we make an unforgettable, meaningful and fun experience especially for YOU.

Besides this approach of creating nonidentical tours, we do have some specialties.

Are you interested in Amsterdam’s Jewish history? In our unique storytelling tour Eva connects her extensive knowledge of the social history of Amsterdam’s Jewish population to 10 generations (covering more than 350 years!) of her own family. The WWII tour explains the war’s influence on Amsterdam’s society, also illustrated with personal family stories.

Looking for a private guide to enrich your visit to the Rijksmuseum or Van Goghmuseum? Hanneke takes you on a solid, vivid tour, giving you insights beyond the frames. Also available in a family friendly version!

If you like to discover some of our hidden gems, we will help you find them and share stories about them with you.

Are you traveling with a family? Read more about our Kids in the city experience, in which Hanneke takes all ages together on a discovering journey memorable for all. As a professional in designing educational material to make learning fun for youngsters, she will make sure to offer you a varied programme. We like to keep some secrets for the kids but we assure you they -and you- will love it all!

Please note

  • Dutch weather is highly unpredictable. Make sure to pack and dress accordingly!
  • In case you choose a bike ride to be part of your tour, be aware that you really have to be capable of cycling in busy traffic!

Such an interesting story, with interesting features that you won’t notice when you walk in the city without a guide! Eva and Hanneke both are very knowledgeable about Amsterdam. They are truly keen to make sure you get educated about its’ rich history. Your wish as their client is the most important and for sure you will have a good experience listening to them, as they also know how to deliver a good tour (e.g. proper amount of eye contact, tone of voice etc.). Next to this they are two very clever women with a clear passion for their work.


New Zealand

I participated in some tours before, also in Amsterdam, and none of them were comparable with Odyssey. Hanneke and Eva completely tailor the Odyssey tour to what you (I) want. I am more into quiet and tranquil spots, away from the busy city and this was exactly what they showed me. Both gave a lot of info about the spots, the city in general and some personal touches. Whichever question I had they could answer with lots of background information. I really enjoyed their stories, knowledge, flexibility and of course laughs. Well done girls! Odyssey is a top tip and I sincerely recommend it!



I enjoyed an informative, merry and joyful tour, which was far from standard and average. Hanneke showed me the beauty, but also some ugliness, of the Amsterdam architecture. Through her stories I got to understand the soul of the city. Diversity, segregation and other city processes ‘under the surface’ were explained along with political and social-historical developments. It was great to see how my interest in press and journalism, that I pointed out in the preparation, turned out to be both starting point and finish of the tour!


The Netherlands