Amsterdam during Corona: a personal message

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Eva's views and thoughts on a new reality

We, Hanneke and Eva, founded Amsterdam Odyssey about 4 years ago. We have been friends since we met while studying to be teachers. We both love sharing knowledge – and we both felt the school system was too limiting to share what we value most.

That is: truly understanding the world around you. What is society really about? How have things gotten their shape? Why are systems and processes the way they are? Where does it – and do we – all come from, where are we now and where are we heading? 

Look, think and contemplate about history to understand the now. Analyze the past and use your insights to shape a positive future. 

This way of looking at the world around us, now has a new dimension: Corona.

In this time, without visitors and tours, we have to reshape our reality. Here, Eva shares some of her insights with you. You  find Hanneke’s thoughts here.

A confession: I have always enjoyed little ‘crises’. I thrive by the emergency to improvise, to go back to a base, to make sure things still function with minimum means. Also part of my character: always noticing the positive. I realize that both traits come in handy these days.  

Mother Nature forces us to reshuffle everything. The way we lived our lives, the way we consumed, the way we functioned in relation to other people, the way we treated the planet. When a machine gets overloaded, it will break. When a person gets overloaded, he will burn out. And when the Earth gets overloaded, …

Of course there’s a drama going on. There are people suffering and people burying their loved ones. The effects of the lock down reach each part of our existence. 

Yet, at the same time, many positive things are happening too. 

People realize which professions are truly important. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this social revaluation would lead to a monetary revaluation? 

People get creative to be in this together. The initiatives to help each other out are uncountable. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could hold on to that after the crisis? 

There are no traffic jams, much less pollution, cleaner skies. Wouldn’t it be great if we reset our pace for the long run? 

I believe we can – we should – use this situation to reset for the better.

What am I doing these days? Actually I am just as happy as I was before Corona – which is quite a lot of happiness! I needed about 2 weeks to readjust. Well, and to arrange all tour cancellations.. Of course I do miss the tour guiding: meeting and connecting with people, sharing great experiences. 

However, I – fortunately – have more cool things in my life! I am involved in a housing project. We are creating a sustainable building with about 40 apartments. Private space will be combined with shared facilities and a sharing mindset. It will be multi generation, social, affordable and green – and all that in Amsterdam. It’s a super cool project and it’s great to have time for faster progress now! 

I pretty much moved in with my big love. Pre-Corona we commuted between my typical Amsterdam small flat and his house in the middle of the flower fields in the Keukenhof area. Now I don’t have tours to give, places to visit or people to meet in Amsterdam. Besides the fact that it’s nice to ‘be in this together’, there’s more space and less crowd, so ‘social distancing’ is easier. Plus: it’s pretty cool to go hiking or jogging alongside the flower fields! 

Actually all this has led to a next plan: next year, when things have turned to a ‘new normal’ and – conscious – travelling will be possible again, we’ll have a new tour for you on our menu! 

I am extensively exploring the region: diving into its history and cycling kilometers in the most colorful area of the world, discovering beautiful routes and stories to share with you. 

I will always be an Amsterdammer and I am happy that my love wants our housing project just as much as I do, and is fine with moving to Amsterdam for it. But for the time being, I am enjoying this enriching experience of Dutch countryside life..! 

Greetings from Amsterdam and surrounding flower fields!

Love, Eva

Eva guiding     Amsterdam Odyssey bike bags on Eva's bike 

flowers in the Bulb and flowers region       flowers in the Bulbs and flowers region 

flower field in the Bulb and flowers region       field of pink flowers in the Bulbs and flower region

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