Amsterdam during Corona: a personal message

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Huibert's views and thoughts on a new reality

Hanneke and Eva founded Amsterdam Odyssey about 4 years ago. Since about 2 years, Huibert and Irina are part of our team too. We all love to share our passion for Amsterdam and for her rich history. 

We value sharing knowledge for a higher goal: truly understanding the world around you. What is society really about? How have things gotten their shape? Why are systems and processes the way they are? Where does it – and do we – all come from, where are we now and where are we heading? 

Look, think and contemplate about history to understand the now. Analyze the past and use your insights to shape a positive future. 

This way of looking at the world around us, now has a new dimension: Corona.

In this time, without visitors and tours, we have to reshape our reality. Here, Huibert shares some of his insights with you. You  find Hanneke’s thoughts here. And you find Eva’s thoughts here. For Irina, the Corona era has an extra dimension as she become the mother of a beautiful son – so she possibly won’t find the time to write down a little story..!

Lockdown light in Amsterdam

The thrill of bustling Amsterdam life has gone! We live in a new reality. The city is under a ‘lockdown light.’ We can go out, when and where we want, but are advised to stay in as much as we can.

Bars, hotels, restaurants, museums, schools, hairdressers, fashion stores, sport clubs, basically everything is closed except grocery stores and take away restaurants. This is obviously a big disaster for the tourist industry and the economy. Still the main concern is the healthcare situation.

No tours for the moment. Home schooling my son is keeping me busy and there is still design work to be done. For how long is uncertain, so there is a financial worry. Nevertheless in my free time I have learned to appreciate this new reality:
blossom in the city

I cycle past the Muiderpoort train station and instead of the roar of an intercity train passing by I hear the song of the willow warbler, who’s enjoying the blossom along the train tracks. 

deserted main traffic street during lockdown
I cross a normally very busy four lane street and instead of gasoline I smell the crocus flowers that are planted in the median strip.

I walk across downtown Amsterdam, undisturbed by rushing cyclists coming out of nowhere, noisy scooters in a hurry or unloading lorries clogging the streets.

I look up and enjoy the bright blue sky unmarked by white stripes from budget airliners.

Apart from storytelling I also like to perform music, singing old time American tunes and rewriting them with new lyrics. This Corona situation is so absurd in a way, it reminded me of the Bob Dylan lyrics on his 1966 Blonde on Blonde album. So I rewrote a song from that album, originally called Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again and turned it into Stuck Inside My Home With The Lockdown Blues Again. It had to be done.

Nobody saw this coming, but we might not like to see it going either..!


Huibert guiding

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