Dutch country side private tour

We receive quite some requests from people asking for a Dutch country side private tour, to the Zaanse Schans, Keukenhof or Volendam. We do understand you would like to see the typical Dutch landscapes with polders, flowers and windmills – but in our personal humble opinion there are nicer places to be lavished with picturesque sceneries than these famous attractions. So we decided to develop an Amsterdam Odyssey style private tour into the Dutch country side. Beyond mass tourism, an authentic experience, meeting and connecting with locals with stories they are passionate about.

We took the car and set off to search and find the nicest of the roads through the Dutch country side. We met these retired millers, voluntarily running an old flour mill. With the gifts a small foundation receives, they can cover the maintenance of the mill, that was probably constructed around 1700. We also met a retired geography teacher who sails his little boat through the polder landscape with its wide variety of birds. We found beautiful, picturesque old villages where we love to take you for a stroll. It was a pleasure discovering all these places and meeting all these people – and now, of course, we love to share that experience with you too!