Enrich your meeting programme with outdoor inspiration before, during or after your office sessions.

An inspired mind for successful meetings


Planning long days of meetings and other indoor office sessions? We help you start, break or end those days with a tour for physical and mental inspiration! In collaboration with the Zuidas – Amsterdam’s business district – we have developed a few unique tours to relax and/or get inspired while doing business. As we customise each tour, they can fit any situation.

Some examples:

  • Let us guide you from your office to your restaurant / evening activity, with surprising routes and stories.
  • As an expat, take a ‘becoming local’ crash course in which we make you feel truly at home in Amsterdam.
  • Start or break your meeting day with a walk in which we leave as much space for brainstorms as you wish.


How to book?


Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. Length, route, content, means of transport: we are skilled and flexible so you can be assured that we will create the most suitable activity for you!

In general we keep our groups small, to guarantee personal contact and enough space for ‘two-way communication’. In some situations we can make exceptions and guide bigger groups – still with the guarantee that your group will be satisfied.