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Discover Amsterdam from the most characteristic angle: the water. In a big sloop you sail through the canals and river Amstel. A skipper and a private guide accompany you and there are drinks on board. Unique detail: the sloop is made of Amsterdam canal plastic. By booking this tour, you support the Plastic Whale foundation, which cleans the canals and uses the fished plastic to create new products.


* tour price based on 1,5 hours including VAT. For more hours the price will be adjusted accordingly. 


  • A Plastic Whale skipper apart from your guide
  • An electric sloop
  • Drinks on board
  • Unesco heritage canal ring
  • The river Amstel

Optional extras

  • Prolong and/or customize to your wishes

What our guests say about our tours

"Absolutely recommended!"


We did a walking tour about cityplanning. We went to the eastside of Amsterdam. Along the way we picked up useful tips about where to eat, drink and shop off the beaten track. 
Our tourguide Hanneke showed us places we had never seen before. It was a lovely afternoon. We really liked the café with the small citybeach outside. We didn’t know it was there, thanks for pointing it out!

Gabrielle, Netherlands

"Great experience"


I did a tour with Amsterdam Odyssey to the east of the city and it was a great experience. We cycled to some small parks and next to some really beautiful canels which we would have never found without the help of Eva and Haneke. These two women have a huge knowledge about their city – and you can feel that they love their hometown! 

Karin, Austria

An Amsterdam canal tour with a good story

This unique boat tour can take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your wishes. The exact locations to start and end can be adjusted to your wishes and itinerary as well. The Plastic Whale boats are big sloops with electric motor. There are fishing nets on board and we invite you to fish some more plastic from the canals. No obligations though; if you don’t feel like doing so, it’s also fine.

During the tour, we will cover the Unesco heritage canal ring and the river Amstel. If time and the route allow, we can add some lesser traveled areas as well.

Amsterdam as a smart city

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, not only in her looks but also in her character. The centuries old canals and canal houses are world famous for their impressive water management, city planning and architecture. Besides that, Amsterdam is an innovative sustainable hub. Since a few decades, sustainability is one of the key themes in each city development project. Energy, mobility, circular economy and social entrepreneurship are a few of the focus points.

Amsterdam’s history and vibe inspire many initiatives. See, for example, Maium: raincoats made in Amsterdam from recycled plastic bottles. The design is Amsterdam style – suitable as a bike poncho as well. And the name is typically Amsterdams too: Amsterdam slang has got many words derived from Yiddish – maium means water.

This is just one of the many examples. Are you interested in more creative inspiration? You may be interested in a Sustainable Amsterdam tour as well.

For now: back to the boats. So one amazing feature of Amsterdam is the canals. Another amazing feature of Amsterdam is the creative innovation. These two amazing features come together in Plastic Whale. In a hip boat you discover highlights of the city’s beauty while contributing to making her even more beautiful.

Plastic soup solution

The plastic soup is a worldwide problem. In 1997, captain Charles Moore sailed from Hawaii to southern California. Along the route, he discovered patches of plastic pollution  in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The amount of plastic in the oceans is a problem because it’s lethal for many marine animals. Besides that, with fish eating plastic, the plastic enters our own human food system as well.

The plastic soup is being caused, among others, by fishing nets and other rubbish thrown overboard by sailors. But, at least as important, as well by garbage being thrown on the streets.

In 2011, Amsterdammer Marius Smit realized something. A piece of plastic on the streets of Amsterdam will be blown into the canals, reach the river IJ and from there end up in the North Sea. He started fishing plastic from the canals until he had enough to build a boat with it.

Sailing the canals with a twist

Marius founded Plastic Whale, ‘the first plastic fishing company in the world’. With the first boat made from Amsterdam canal plastic, he kept fishing for more plastic. By now, Plastic Whale is a well known foundation with 10 boats. The boats are often being booked by school groups and for team building activities. It’s a perfect way to combine sightseeing with something fun to do. And meanwhile you are supporting the good cause. By fishing some plastic from the canals, you prevent it from ending up in the plastic soup. By booking a Plastic Whale boat, you support the foundation for keeping up the good job.

And maybe also nice to know: you might even experience salutations from other people for keeping up the good work!


Where is the meeting point?
Since we customize each tour, the starting point and route will be adjusted to your itinerary and wishes.

Which boat types are available? And how to choose the ‘right’ boat?
We offer 3 different boat tours, each with a different style of boat. The Plastic Whale boat is a big sloop, with electric motor and not covered. The boat is made from Amsterdam canal plastic. With the fishing nets on board, this boat is most suitable for families with children – though also relaxing and fun for adults only.

The classic saloon boat is the more luxury option. The ‘local style’ boat is the more simple option.

I have particular interests and/or special needs. Can this tour be customized?
Yes. Please contact us, and we will be happy to come up with a tailor-made tour for you.

Is the tour suitable for young children?
This tour is suitable from the age of 12. In case you are interested in a boat tour with children under 12, please book through our family tours page.

Is this tour suitable for people with reduced mobility?
You have to be able to get on and off board of the boat.

The weather is bad, what happens now?
The Plastic Whale boats are not covered. They do have rain ponchos on board.

Amsterdam Odyssey tours will take place under any weather conditions, unless a formal warning regarding the weather has been issued by the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Dutch weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to pack and dress accordingly!


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