Mini countryside

Are you looking for a glimpse of Amsterdam countryside without spending a full day driving around? Then this might be your perfect tour. With limited time and effort, you’ll have full access to a whole range of typical Dutch experiences. In an area of only a few hundred meters, you find a 17th century village, a windmill, cheese, herring, a microbrewery, examples of water management and more.


* tour price based on 3 hours including VAT, excluding entrance fees. For more hours the price will be adjusted accordingly. 


  • Electric transport to and from the tour area
  • A stroll through a picturesque village
  • Visit a 19th century windmill 

Optional extras

  • Tastings of locally produced typical Dutch food and drinks
  • Easy to combine with another half day tour in the center or museums
  • In tulip season: combine with a visit to the flower fields of Lisse
  • Prolong and/or customize to your wishes

What our guests say about our tours

"Explore the city like a local"


Great tour if you want to explore the city as a local. We like the fact that the guides are locals themselves and can tell you informative as well as personal stories about ‘their’ city. It’s a real plus you can customize your own tour and give suggestions about what you would like to see or do. 

Daniel, Netherlands

"insight into life in amsterdam"


If you’re not too much in the standard very touristy tour but more into catching a glimpse of the city’s real atmosphere then doing a tour with Amsterdam Odysseys is great! This tour gave me lots of insight into the city off the beaten track and got more of an idea how life in Amsterdam is actually like. If you have any special interest or hobby, they would probably find just the right places you really wanna see.

Marlen, UK

catch A glimpse of amsterdam countryside

Even in only 3 hours you can have a ‘typical Dutch’ experience! We visit a 17th century village on the edge of Amsterdam. We’ll be dropped off on one side of the village and stroll to the other side. The picturesque village square is still there, including an old water pump.

At the other end of the village, literally on the edge of Amsterdam, a 19th century windmill towers above its surroundings. It is a water pumping mill. The region of Sloten consists of polders – reclaimed land from former lakes. This mill manages the water level of the polders and its canals. Around the windmill, you can see a water lock, canal and drawbridge. The canal encircles the neighbouring polder, which is clearly visible as the land lies even lower. Actually this is the polder where Schiphol airport is located, almost 3,5 meters below sea level.

There’s enough time to explore the mill from the outside and inside. Around the windmill there are several things to see and do. There’s a cheese farm, herring stall and a microbrewery. You might even like to sit down with apple pie and a windmill view!

Rembrandt and Sloten

In the 17th century, Amsterdam’s Golden age, Sloten was an independant village. Between Amsterdam and Sloten you found a big stretch of land: swamp, fields, ditches and farmers. One of Amsterdam’s inhabitants those days, Rembrandt van Rijn, was married with Saskia van Uylenburgh. Her cousin lived in Sloten, as she was married with the minister of the Protestant church in the village. This minister was a witness at Rembrandt and Saskia’s wedding, and baptized their children. Rembrandt liked to stroll around the area and make sketches of the church, the village and the surrounding lands.

Village absorbed by the city

Amsterdam as Rembrandt and his contemporaries knew her, expanded since around 1900 into the direction of Sloten. The stretch of farm land between the city and the village became smaller and smaller. Since 1921, the farm lands and Sloten are officially part of Amsterdam. Relatively recently, in the 1990’s, the last farmers had to make way for a new expansion of the city.

The windmill

The area consists of polders: land reclaimed from former lakes. The region is more than 2 meters below sea level. The windmill pumps water to or from the surrounding canals, depending on the need.

Microbrewery De 7 deugden

This microbrewery, The 7 virtues, works with local and organic ingredients. It’s a social work project: they employ people with limited access to the regular labour market.  They specialize in craft beers, experimenting with herbs and spices.


Where is the meeting point?
Since we customize each tour, the starting point will be adjusted to your itinerary and wishes.

I have particular interests and/or special needs. Can this tour be customized?
Yes. Please contact us, and we will be happy to come up with a tailor-made tour for you.

Is the tour suitable for young children?
This tour is suitable from the age of 12. 

Is this tour suitable for people with reduced mobility?
The tour is appropriate for guests with good mobility. However, adjustments can be made if necessary. Please contact us and inform us about your specific needs.


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