Second World War in Amsterdam

A unique mix of general and personal stories about these black pages in history.

Felons & victims, heroes & villains

1940-1945: the Holocaust hit Amsterdam’s population hard. 10% was Jewish – only a small number of these fellow citizens survived. In the Plantage neighbourhood one can find numerous memorabilia of the wealth that the Jewish population brought to the city, as well as dramatic reminders of the war. We connect general historical facts with (very) personal stories. In the end we hope you understand (as far as one can ‘understand’ a war) more about the Second World War in Amsterdam, as well as about patterns in ideas leading to such an atrocity.

How to book?

Contact us, and tell us when you wish us to guide you. Depending on your interests, you can book only the WWII tour or a combination with the Jewish history tour. The WWII tour takes you for about 2 hours by foot through Amsterdam’s Jewish cultural quarter. If combined with the Jewish history tour, it will take 4-5 hours in total.