Experience Amsterdams 17th century grandeur.

Sparking your imagination

That’s what Amsterdam’s history does. Since about 900 years we turn water into land, and land into water. The tolerance we’re widely known for, can be traced back to those days and explains the city’s prosperous growth in the Golden Age. We love showing you places and sharing stories with you that you wouldn’t find on your own. During a relaxing walk, you will see historical highlights and picturesque places. The stories behind them shine a light not only on Amsterdam’s life of centuries ago, but also of today. 


How to book?

The hidden gems are best being discovered by foot. Contact us and tell us when you wish to book the Hidden gems tour. We can customise the length and other details of the tour to your interests and itinerary. Once we know more about your background and wishes, we will put together a most suitable programme.