A well balanced tour filled with highlights of Amsterdam countryside.  Enjoy the scenery of the meadows and picturesque villages. Be amazed by the eternal interactions between land and water. And, highlight of the day: a private reception by a miller in his windmill.


* tour price based on standard tour. 


  • Electric transport with chauffeur next to your private guide
  • Fresh organic milk
  • Private reception at a unique 17th century windmill

Optional extras

  • 45 minutes boat tour through typical Dutch polder landscape with private local guide
  • 30 minutes walking tour through 17th century fishing village
  • Prolong and/or customize to your wishes

What our guests say about this tour



The countryside tour was superb. The private windmill tour was a memory that will remain forever.
Thank you very much.

Greg, USA



I can’t say enough great things about the private windmill tour.  Our whole group (grandparents, adults, kids) loved this unique excursion into the heart and history of the Netherlands.  The guide gave us a full tour (inside and out!) of this centuries-old windmill and explained how they work and what their operation meant over the years.  Anyone with an interest in sailing or machines will absolutely love learning how all the parts fit together and watching the whole thing go.  They even let us operate it which was super cool.  (We didn’t break it, I swear.)  A great go-to destination outside the big cities.

Ilan, USA

Experience Amsterdam countryside like a local

We usually take routes away from mass tourism, so you can experience places like a local. We love connecting people with their surroundings and each other. That counts for our country side tour as well. Let us take you out of the city and we promise you won’t feel like a stereotyped tourist. We drive along meadows and on top of dikes. We pass by several authentic villages and a unique windmill. If you like, we add a boat tour through the polder landscape.

Along the route you can try some typical Dutch tastings – everything local, organic produce. For this tour, we searched and found the rural crème de la crème.

Dutch landscape

Your tour starts with a drive through the most scenic landscapes. The small, quiet roads are meandering. Everything is about grass, water, cows and sheep. Any time you like, we can stop for short strolls. We pass by an organic dairy farm and through several authentic Dutch villages.

Most people have a picture in mind of the typical Dutch landscape. During this full day countryside tour you will realize there actually is variety in grass, water, cows and sheep.

The area closest to Amsterdam is more the ‘natural’ result of interaction between land and water. A bit further up north we drive through some of Netherland’s world famous polders.


A polder is a stretch of land reclaimed from the water. There are about 4000 polders in the Netherlands. These areas used to be lakes, now turned into land. To create and maintain polders, high level water management is a must. You can definitely leave that to the Dutch. We live below sea level, so water management has been in our genes since centuries. Actually, the polders we drive through on our countryside tour, are among the oldest of the country – which pretty much means among the oldest of the world.

Highlight: a private windmill tour

We arrange a private reception in a 350 years old windmill for you! The miller shows and explains how several kinds of wheat are being milled. Usually this windmill is not open for tourism. It is owned and maintained by a foundation. Retired millers volunteer to keep the windmill and its history alive. You can feel their passion for this unique piece of heritage. During a personal tour you get to see all parts inside and outside the mill. This visit is considered the most memorable part of the tour by many of our guests!

Amsterdam and her food history

The area we cover during this tour, is on the north side of Amsterdam. Throughout the centuries, the region supplied the city with food. Crops, dairy and cattle were – and still are – being farmed to trade in the city. During the tour, you will learn about this relationship between Amsterdam and the countryside. Of course we won’t only be talking about food. We will make sure there’s enough to taste as well.

Modern art in a historical setting

Do you happen to be a modern art lover? Then this might be a gem of an addition to the day for you. On the edge of an authentic 17th century fishing village, you find a big 19th century water pumping building. It’s not only a beautiful building in a picturesque landscape. It’s also the home and gallery of Dutch artist Sonja Besselink. In case this happens to be your cup of tea, please let us know. It’s our pleasure to introduce you!


Where is the meeting point?
Since we customize each tour, the starting point and route will be adjusted to your itinerary and wishes.

Are the windmills at De Zaanse Schans part of the tour?
We can always adjust and prolong the tour to include this well known windmill location, if you wish. However, we prefer to avoid the tourist crowds that have taken over this particular site en masse. Our countryside tour is unique in the way it combines the picturesque with the pristine quality of the real Dutch countryside.

I have particular interests and/or special needs. Can this tour be customized?
Yes. Please contact us, and we will be happy to come up with a tailor-made tour for you.

Is the tour suitable for young children?
This tour is suitable from the age of 12. 

Is this tour suitable for people with reduced mobility?
Yes. If necessary, we can reduce the amount of walks. Some areas, like the smaller streets and the floors of the windmill, will not be reachable but there’s still enough to see and experience.

The weather is bad, what happens now?
Amsterdam Odyssey tours will take place under any weather conditions, unless a formal warning regarding the weather has been issued by the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Dutch weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to pack and dress accordingly!


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