An outstanding experience, an astonishing story: we take you along 10 generations (more than 350 years!) of the Sousa family to personalize the Jewish history of Amsterdam. From the 17th century till today, we connect all aspects of Jewish life in Mokum to David Shushan and his descendants. How come your guide knows all ins and outs and most personal stories? Since she’s introducing you to her very own family..!


* tour price based on 2,5 – 3 hours including VAT, excluding entrance fees. For more hours the price will be adjusted accordingly. 


  • Private guide of Amsterdam Jewish descent
  • Pass by important historical sites of Jewish Amsterdam
  • World War II history
  • Hollandsche Schouwburg memorial and more holocaust memorial sites
  • Personal stories from your guides own family, including World War II

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What our guests say about this tour



I really recommend everybody who would like to learn about the Jewish history in Amsterdam in another way than just the main highlights, to book this tour. Eva is very passionate about what she tells and it’s really nice to listen to. You discover all kinds of small details in the city and many facts of a very fascinating and personal story.

Manon, Netherlands



Thank you so much for this tour. We are still trying to process the depth of the information and the stories that you told. It was so personal, moving and relevant.  It was an unforgettable experience- thank you from our hearts.

Carolyn, UK


This tour personalizes the Jewish history of Amsterdam from the 17th century till today. We take you along 10 generations (more than 350 years!) of the Sousa family. As this is your guide Eva’s very own family, she knows all the ins and outs and most personal stories!

The Amsterdam Jewish history tour starts in the historical Jewish district, where the first Jews arrived in the 17th century. You will learn everything about Jewish life in Amsterdam throughout the centuries: the living conditions, professions, position in society, and more. General history is illustrated by stories and documents of your guide Eva’s ancestors.

The route through the historical Jewish district includes, among others, the famous Waterlooplein flea market and Portuguese synagogue. There are several Holocaust memorials in the area as well. 

Your guide’s family tree

To develop this tour, your guide Eva dove into Amsterdam’s city archives as well as family attics. She discovered many amazing stories that she loves to share with you! There’s a proper balance between long term history stories and World War II stories. Both the general Jewish history and the World War II history contain a lot of aspects, stories and locations. Therefore 3 hours is the minimum for this walking tour. In case you have an even broader or deeper interest, please let us know and we can extend the tour to 4 or even more hours.

Jewish historical quarter

The Jewish Cultural Quarter is the most well-known area for Amsterdam’s Jewish history. Beyond this area, there are more neighborhoods worth a visit. Until World War II, 10% of Amsterdam’s population was Jewish. The majority of these people lived in the east and south of the city. While walking through these districts, one still finds reminders of their former inhabitants.

Anne Frank

There is, for example, the neighborhood where Anne Frank and her family lived before they went into hiding. They were one of the many German Jewish families that came to live in the south of Amsterdam in the 1930’s. Your guide will show and explain you everything about their life in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Oost train station

Another neighborhood of interest is in the east of the city. This was one of the areas with the highest concentration of Jews, mainly working class people involved in the social democratic developments of the early 1900’s. There are several monuments related to the Jewish population before and during World War II. Maybe the most impressive of these is the train station from where arrested people were deported to the concentration camps.

Amsterdam is a small city; the ‘south’ and ‘east’ districts are close to each other. Nevertheless, each neighbourhood has got its own, distinct, history, places to see and stories to share. If you are interested in an extended Jewish history tour, please contact us. Together we can decide which neighborhoods and itinerary are most suitable for you.


I have particular interests in one or more parts of the Jewish history of Amsterdam. Can this tour be customized?
Yes! Everything is possible, from 3 hours to a full day. There are more neighbourhoods in the east and south of Amsterdam with interesting stories about its Jewish history. In our opinion, these neighbourhoods deserve attention too so it’s our pleasure to take you there as well.

Does this tour include a visit to the Anne Frank house?
No. The Anne Frank house is in a different area. In case you wish to visit the house, please be aware that tickets have to be booked ahead online. There are no tour guides allowed to join you inside the house, but this isn’t necessary: all the information is very clear. In case you wish to combine the Jewish history tour with your Anne Frank house visit, please let us know. We can adjust the itinerary to your time slot.

Is this tour suitable for young children?
This tour is suitable from the age of 16. 

Is this tour suitable for people with reduced mobility?
The tour is appropriate for guests with good mobility. We can adjust the walking pace and include short breaks if necessary.

Can this tour be done by car?
Only to a certain extent, since the area of the Jewish Cultural Quarter is best covered by foot. However, we are always happy to look for creative solutions to accommodate your needs. Please contact us for a tailor made tour.

The weather is bad, what happens now?
Amsterdam Odyssey tours will take place under any weather conditions, unless a formal warning regarding the weather has been issued by the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Dutch weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to pack and dress accordingly!


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