Welcome to the most colorful landscape of the world! This tour through endless fields of flowers will overwhelm all your senses. Along the scenic route, we can stop as you wish to take in the views, smells and spring vibes. Learn everything about the history and practises of bulb growing, from Tulip mania till today. Meet organic flower farmers and hear their story. Experience typical Dutch landscapes along the way and simply enjoy the happiness of flowers!


* tour price based on 4 hours including VAT. For more hours the price will be adjusted accordingly. 


  • Electric transport during the whole tour
  • Visit a rose farm and a tulip farm
  • Coffee and apple pie
  • Experience Dutch countryside – there’s time for (photography) stops 

Optional extras

  • Visit Keukenhof castle
  • Prolong and/or customize to your wishes

What our guests say about our tours



Great tour if you want to explore the city as a local. We like the fact that the guides are locals themselves and can tell you informative as well as personal stories about ‘their’ city. It’s a real plus you can customize your own tour and give suggestions about what you would like to see or do. 

Daniel, Netherlands



If you’re not too much in the standard very touristy tour but more into catching a glimpse of the city’s real atmosphere then doing a tour with Amsterdam Odysseys is great! This tour gave me lots of insight into the city off the beaten track and got more of an idea how life in Amsterdam is actually like. If you have any special interest or hobby, they would probably find just the right places you really wanna see.

Marlen, UK


Thinking of Holland, most probably you think of flowers as well. The Bollenstreek – the biggest region of bulbs and flowers – is known as the most colorful part of the world during spring. The flower garden of the Keukenhof is the most famous highlight. We at Amsterdam Odyssey prefer picking places and stories beyond these kinds of massively visited places. Therefore we designed our own unique tour about flowers and bulbs, about the stories and the people behind them.  

This tour is only available during spring. For the other months of the year we suggest, if you wish to experience the Dutch countryside, to take the Countryside and windmill tour.


During this half day tour we visit two farms: one with roses, one with tulips. In our collaborations, we always look for experts with a true passion for their profession and for ‘the greater good’. Now that we mention: the transport during our tours outside the city is always electric! Our guide and the chauffeur of the electric taxi van will meet you at your hotel, from where we’ll set off to see and learn everything about flowers.


Our first stop is at an organic rose farmer. This sympathetic family business doesn’t only grow roses, but has more to show – and taste. Enjoy your coffee or tea with a good slice of apple pie right in the middle of the flowers and plants. After the coffee break, you’ll get a closer look at the roses and learn more about their history, the way they’re being bred and their use. 


And then it’s time to move on to the other most famous flower: the tulip. We will visit a tulip farm where you will learn everything about tulips and bulbs. Tulips grow from bulbs yet they are two different products to grow, with different stories and processes. 

One of the stories of the bulb farmers is that their fields annually get damaged by tourists who walk through the flower beds, just for the perfect picture. One of the bulb farming families has created a field with different kinds of tulips, solely for the purpose of walking through to take that perfect picture. The farmers don’t get the damage and the tourists do get the photos: a win – win which we are happy to share with you!


The area we explore during this tour is south of Amsterdam. The region of the bulbs and flowers was already inhabited before Amsterdam was. Its soil, a mix of sand and peat, turned out to be perfect to grow bulbs. While we go around the area, you will learn about its history and development.
The other typical Dutch landscape we’ll drive through, is one of the biggest polders of the country: the former lake Haarlemmermeer. Halfways the 19th century the water has been pumped away and the lake has been filled, creating over 200 km2 new land. Here too, while we go around the area, you will learn more about its history and development.


Where is the meeting point?
Since we customize each tour, the starting point will be adjusted to your itinerary and wishes.

Is the Keukenhof flower garden part of this tour?
A visit to the Keukenhof is not included in this tour. We normally avoid the main tourism spots and take you beyond them, to smaller scale, more intimate places with personal receptions and stories.
We can always adjust and prolong the tour to include this world famous garden, if you wish. Or we can end the tour at the entrance and you visit the Keukenhof on your own – we can help you with your transport back to the city afterwards too. 

I have particular interests and/or special needs. Can this tour be customized?
Yes. Please contact us, and we will be happy to come up with a tailor-made tour for you.

Is the tour suitable for young children?
Yes, it is. 

Is this tour suitable for people with reduced mobility?
Yes. If necessary, we can reduce the amount of walks.


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