Sustainable Amsterdam

Get inspired by the innovators of our city.

How green is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a green city in many ways. The tree population is bigger than the human population, there are many smaller and bigger parks, and of course there’s all the water. Besides all the ‘natural green’ we are proud of the many innovative sustainable, social, local entrepreneurs that make Amsterdam – and well, the planet – an even better place.

In our private life as well as our work, we naturally go for the greenest options: organic food, recycling, natural cosmetics, vegetarian shoes, innovative materials, electric rides, renewable energy and more. Get inspired by places, people and ideas on our sustainable city tour!

How to book?

Contact us¬†and tell us when you wish us to guide you. You’ll be surprised by the amount and the range of sustainable spots & stories, so we’ll base the locations and length of the tour on your interests.