Experience the Netherlands the local way.

By car

We call ourselves ‘non-touristic tour guides’. Off the beaten track, out of the box, connecting visitors and residents with their surroundings and each other. That counts for our country side tour as well. Let us take you out of the city for the day and we promise you won’t feel like a stereotyped tourist. Take a stroll through some picturesque villages, be amazed by the eternal interactions between land and water, meet a miller in his mill, and learn all about fish and birds while sailing through the polder. All parts of the day will be accompanied by Dutch cuisine and everything is local, organic produce.


By bike

When in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdammers do and go around by bike. Technically you aren’t leaving Amsterdam on this relaxing cycling tour. Northern Amsterdam consists for a big part of a rural area, with pastures and picturesque villages. Along the route there’s a nice variation of water, dikes and farm land. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while we’ll explain you everything you want to know about life below sea level!