Rijksmuseum & Van Goghmuseum

In 3 hours your guide will lead you along the highlights of the Rijksmuseum and the Van Goghmuseum. In the Rijksmuseum the tour focuses on the iconic Dutch 17th century paintings from Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jan Steen. In the Van Gogh museum the tour tells the engrossing story of Vincent van Gogh’s life and work.


* tour price based on 3 hours including VAT, excluding entrance fees. For more hours the price will be adjusted accordingly. 


  • Must-see highlights including Rembrandt’s Nightwatch, Vermeer and Jan Steen
  • The self portraits of Van Gogh, his world famous Sunflowers and more
  • Arrangement of skip the line tickets (ticket fee not included)

Optional extras

  • A walk through 19th Century, Amsterdam’s Belle Epoque ‘Old South’ (1-2 hours)
  • A walk through 16th & 17th Century, Amsterdam’s Golden Age (1-2 hours)
  • Lunch reservations in the neighbourhood
  • Prolong and/or customize to your wishes

What our guests say about this tour

"Fantastic tour with Hanneke"


We had a wonderful tour around the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum with Hanneke. We were enraptured for three hours and it really helped us to see the highlights in both museums and have a real understanding about what we were seeing. We all loved it – and would thoroughly recommend it!

Katie, UK

"The very best!"


Hanneke was not only skilled at explaining the art, including the historical, religious, and cultural context in which it was made, but also she was skilled at working her way through the crowds of people right up to each painting so that we could see exactly what she was talking about. In doing so, we could clearly see each piece, and we could move at our own pace.

Paulette, USA

About the tour

Experience the two most popular museums of Amsterdam in one engaging tour. Our museum tours are highly appreciated by seasoned museum visitors as well as art amateurs – who naturally aren’t amateurs anymore after this tour!

We start at the Rijksmuseum. This world famous must see houses an outstanding collection of 17th century Dutch paintings. You will discover the highlights of the collection, including Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

After this pleasant encounter with the world famous classics, we are well prepared to meet the “godfather of modern art”: Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh museum houses the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings. We will cherry pick the masterpieces that tell the story of his life and work in an unforgettable way.


A private tour really adds value to your visit of the Rijksmuseum. We will introduce you to some of the most impressive Dutch Masters: to their work as well as to their personal stories. These insights in professional as well as personal motivations shine a light on the individual artists, and to the Golden Age society as a whole.

The Rijksmuseum (the National museum) is built in the 1880’s as a ‘representative accommodation to house Dutch cultural heritage’. Until then, many of these items were stored in a – too small and not fire proof – canal house. The architect of the building is Pierre Cuypers, who also designed, among others, Centraal Station. The impressive building houses around 8000 pieces of art, covering about 800 years of history. 800 years of Dutch art and history, from the Middle ages to Mondriaan.

Van Goghmuseum

During our tour you will learn to comprehend the developments in both life and work of Vincent.

A visit to Amsterdam, for many means a visit to the world famous collections of the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. Ever so popular, these museum can be overwhelming with the crowds and all the beauty there is to see in… so little time. A guide ensures you will make the most of your -maybe once in a lifetime- museum visit. The tour encompasses all the mayor masterpieces, but more importantly, provides an engaging story that places these artworks in a broader context. It will make you fall in love with art, if you weren’t already.


Where is the meeting point?
We will email you the meeting point and other details of the tour upon booking.

Is the tour suitable for young children?
This tour is suitable from the age of 12. In case you are interested in visiting the Rijksmuseum and or the Van Gogh Museum with children under 12, please book through our family tours page.

Is this tour suitable for people with reduced mobility?
The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are very well accessible and are located next to each other.

I have particular interests and/or special needs. Can this tour be customized?
Yes. We always customize each tour to befit your wishes and interests. Please contact us and we will be happy to come up with a tailor made solution for you.