Are you interested in both diamonds and the story of the people behind them?

Then this gem of a tour is for you!

Combine a guided city walk with a guided visit to one of Amsterdam’s famous diamond factories and you will learn all about the people as well as their product. Like in our general Jewish history tour, we use personal stories from Eva’s family tree to illustrate the diamond workers’ history. Throughout the walk, these people – and their legacy – come back to life. After the city tour, a warm welcome awaits you at one of the diamond factories.

We developed the Amsterdam diamond history tour in collaboration with Royal Coster Diamonds and Gassan Diamonds. These two diamond factories have a long Amsterdam based history and strive to keep that history visible and alive. Research in the city archives, the Diamond Workers Union archives, and family trees has resulted in an outstanding storytelling experience. You will learn about the arrival of the Jewish population in the 17th century, their neighbourhoods, their living conditions, the evolution of the diamond profession, the rise of the union and other social developments. You will actually even discover that the fundament of today’s society can be traced back to the diamond workers history!

In the second part of the tour you will be welcomed at one of the diamond factories to witness the diamond industry thriving today. While the focus of the city walk is on the people, the focus of the factory visit is on the product: how are diamonds being transformed from raw material to sparkling beauty?

How to book?

Contact us and tell us when you wish to take the Amsterdam diamond history tour. The city walk is about 3 km and takes 1,5-2 hours. Private transport to one of Amsterdam’s diamond factories is included. The duration of your stay at the diamond factory depends on your personal interest.