Learn all about Amsterdam's Jewish history on a unique, personal story telling tour.

Meet David Shushan and his family

An outstanding experience, an astonishing story: we take you along 10 generations (more than 350 years!) of the Sousa family to personalize the Jewish history of Amsterdam. From the 17th century till today, we connect all aspects of Jewish life in Mokum to David Shushan and his descendants. How come your guide knows all ins and outs and most personal stories? Since she’s introducing you to her very own family..!


How to book?

Contact us and tell us when you wish us to guide you. The Amsterdam Jewish history tour follows the footsteps of the Sousa family through several neighbourhoods known for its big Jewish populations and takes about 3 hours. There’s a proper balance between long term history stories and WWII stories. In case you are interested in visiting locations that played a key role during the Second World War as well, we can lengthen the Amsterdam Jewish history tour with 1 or 2 more hours.

Focusing on the lives of one family, including a family tree, was unique and made it easy to follow. The guide included interesting facts as well as a creative story, which made it more interesting. She was passionate about the tour and the story and very engaging.
I would definitely recommend the lovely ladies at Amsterdam Odyssey!


Eva was enthusiastic about the story, included many interesting little details and a lot of general historical facts about centuries of Jewish life. I’ve learned a lot about the WWII period in Amsterdam that I never heard before. I liked how Eva pointed out many small details that are easy to overlook when walking in a street, but she knew the stories behind it.


I really recommend everybody who would like to learn about the Jewish history in Amsterdam in another way than just the main highlights, to participate in this tour. Eva is very passionate about what she tells and it’s really nice to listen to. You discover all kinds of small details in the city and many facts of a very fascinating story.